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She is my blessing
She is my curse
A dualistic stigmata that sets me apart.
Like a big fish in a small pond
I am stunted
Limited in growth and movement
In what I can and can not do
But I would never trade it away
Despite the difficulties she hands me, for
Cutting off the wings of an angel
Is a most heinous of crimes
The wolf who runs against the grain of the pack
May find himself alone; stranded; isolated
But, he has the satisfaction that he plodded on
On his own volition
And did not blindly follow the consensus of the majority
:iconlord-karsus:Lord-Karsus 4 4
The ghosts of ages past
Clash with silent regression
Existing concurrently on separate wavelengths
A contracting dualistic nature
That both defines and unravels her
Fùtbol and reggaetón
Reign now on Sandy's lot
The latter a name with no meaning
Аптека and borshch
In the shadow of the Q
Converted by the kabob, a slowly dying breed
86th Street and Avenue U
Cannot stand in the face of human waves
Ay! Oh! Fugheddaboudit
The 50's flight to Lawn Guyland
Left Bed-Sty, Flatbush, Crown Heights, and others
With any set identity, in and of itself a badge of multiculturalism
Yet, as the world changes, and she along with it
The incorporeal specters of the zeitgeist of yesterday
Go about their business dutifully as ever
Though two types of bums may be in Brooklyn
A person may only see one
:iconlord-karsus:Lord-Karsus 1 0
The Illusion of Life
Life is a carcinogen
Every moment leading towards oblivion
Down the road leading to death we head
A cancer of tales and places, people and things
Growing on the Self
Remove the tumor
Remove the cancer
Remove the disease
Release the Self.
When we lose ourselves, we gain the Self
Through the Self, we truly become
Finally begot, we are
And only then can we be
:iconlord-karsus:Lord-Karsus 6 6
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Thoughts Who Haunt The Night
Who are these thoughts
that haunt me at night,
using sickly sweet words
to preach the nihilistic gospel
of steel meeting flesh?
Are they constructs
manufactured by the artificial moods
that claimed many a life
of the past masters?
Or is it really me
tired of an existence mired in disappointment
a once bright star dimmed
now nothing more than a celestial afterthought?
:iconlord-karsus:Lord-Karsus 1 3
No Title: Chapter One
Phaerûn gazed out the window of his quarters, out at the dark horizon, the sun not even in the sky yet. All he could see was darkness in the distance, save the occasional star in the sky, torch in the town and large conglomeration of light that marked the Black 300 in the distance. The Black 300 were a large mercenary group-a virtual army-that had been called in to aid in the city against the large orc army that had literally fought its way to the gates of the castle itself.
Phaerûn himself had come to his city’s aid when the Orc hoards had come to siege Castle Blaze. He was no warrior, but he had other talents. Although he was not as powerful as Harmon, his superior, he did have some talent with magic. And, something was better than nothing. And, at worst, he was another body, another soldier, another conduit to cause damage to the Orc armies.
Phaerûn had helped protect the castle proper. Castle Blaze was the name of the entire town, but there were three distinct s
:iconlord-karsus:Lord-Karsus 0 0
St. Peter's Church by Lord-Karsus St. Peter's Church :iconlord-karsus:Lord-Karsus 7 8 Lost Secrets by Lord-Karsus Lost Secrets :iconlord-karsus:Lord-Karsus 2 0 Ghost Train by Lord-Karsus Ghost Train :iconlord-karsus:Lord-Karsus 2 0
Storm Overboard
Pain erupts across my chest
Fires started in desperation
As brine-ravaged lungs
Long for the gentle caress of the Sylph's blessing
Dredging from the depths of my being
An arm penetrating Poseidon's blanket
Feels like a lifetime
And may fall upon deaf ears
In the storm, I am dependent on you
To pull me to safety
Will you take the effort to pull me aboard?
Or will you set me free?
:iconlord-karsus:Lord-Karsus 0 1
Land of the Snow Lions
The Roof of the World
Hails; "Om Mani Padme Hum"
Jewel in the Lotus
:iconlord-karsus:Lord-Karsus 0 0

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PitufoGafitas Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017
Hello, I have found Elves of Farun recently, and downloaded volumes I and VI. They were great, but I couldn´t find the Vlume III. Could you upload again, please?
killerofthings Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
Hey man, dont know if you are still about, but much love is extended by all for your work on the Elves of Faerun project. Thank you!
QCC-Art Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ever visited the QCC Art Gallery in Bayside, Queens?
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Elves of Faerun volume I, III and IV, WOWW, but where is volume II
Lord-Karsus Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011
Never finished, and I'm not going to "release" an unfinished project. It's too much for one person, so all of that stuff I have is in "stasis" until I find people who are willing to help me with everything.
steelfiredragon Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010
Don't know if you have been told or if you care, but the FR has a new source book coming out, the neverwinter guide or some such

contains the bladesinger class.

oh and hello
Aurum17 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the :+devwatch: =^.^=
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I didn't know you had one of these. Hi LK!
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I sense you are a Bostonian at heart
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Hey, welcome to dA Writer's Strike! We're always happy to have more people :] Be sure to send in an example of your work so we can feature it, and check out the other writers! I'll give your work a read now :D
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